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Love auto upholstery!!! Auto seats get A Lot of use and abuse over time, becoming uncomfortable to sit in and unsightly to look at. An automobile is a big investment! If your seats are in need of reupholstery...give me a call

Upholstery is my passion! I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction, doing everything I can to meet your expectations. 

If you looking to have Family heirloom reupholstered or an Antique store find or even a thrift shop find that you couldn't resist, it's in good hands and I will provide the upmost care for your piece. Start to finish, care is taken with removal of the old fabric, padding, staples or upholstery tacks. I will take a good look at the frame and repair any cracks, loose Tenon and Mortise joints or damage. This is also a good time to do any refinishing if needed or desired. Sometimes a good cleaning and oiling does wonders! All springs are inspected for damage, repaired or replaced. The same goes for jute webbing, it's best to replace it with new if needed, it's not that expensive. Now that everything is sound, clean and ready for upholstering, I start with the padding first, once in place, a layer of muslin is laid over the padding and secured to the frame, then the final fabric is attached. I'm happy to text or email start to finish progress photos to you, as I'm working on your piece. 

Auto upholstery is a necessity. An automobile is a big investment and the seats are really part of maintenance and repair. The foam and fabric of your seats break down overtime, making the seat uncomfortable to sit in and really unsightly to look at. I absolutely love doing auto upholstery, so give me a call if your ready to get your seats back to where they should be....

You are always welcome to provide your own fabric, if you choose. I use Del Kern Upholstery Supply on Brundage Lane for all auto fabrics. The choice of quality vinyls, fabric and foam is incredible at Del Kern's....Or I have quite an extensive and varied library of fabric samples for just about anything you might want upholstered that you are welcome to go through. I purchase fabric directly from Greenhouse Fabrics of North Carolina. They have the most beautiful selection of quality fabrics and so much to choose from for furniture, marine, auto and outdoor furniture. Please visit their website at Because they do not sell to the public, you will not find published prices on their site, but you can see all that they have to offer. If you see fabrics that you would like to get a yardage price and a sample of, let me know. I'm happy to order samples of your choices. 

Prices: It varies depending on the condition of the piece and how much detailed work is required or desired. Please feel free to send a photo and I can give you an estimate of cost. A lot depends on "whats under that fabric". I'm happy to give you an idea of how much yardage you will need, this requires measurements. Remember with furniture, a solid fabric will take less yardage, if patterns need to be matched as with a stripe for instance, it will require more fabric. For furniture, skirts and button tufting will take more fabric. A 30% deposit is required before any work can proceed.

Feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of assistance. Please check out the "Antique Chair Start 2 Finish" page. Your'll get an idea of the entire upholstery process. Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!